Celebrate Black History Month and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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African-American History

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Martin Luther King, Jr.Biography including short video

Celebrate Black History Month andDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Get inspired! Watch"I Have A Dream"speech

Black History Month videosmini biographies on famous African American

“My Trip to the Land of Gandhi”by Martin Luther King 1959 Season for Non-Violence, Season for PEACE –64 Days/64 Ways January 30 – April 4

Nobel Peace Prize Winnersbiographies/videosMartin Luther King, Jr.won in 1964

videoGandhi's influence on Martin Luther King

Gandhi- The Philosophy of Nonviolence

Information about the Nobel Peace Prizeand the life of its founder Alfred Nobel

1. Dr. King's DreamLesson Plan2. PBS --I Have a Dream Lesson Plan

3. Lesson Plans for MLK Grades K-8

4. MLK Lesson Plans from Education World

5. MLK Lesson Plans from NEA

2. About Dr. King" information on the life of MLK from The King Center

1. Virtual Tour of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthplace in Atlanta


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